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2/31/2018   Events Coming Soon!
Philly and New York
9:00 pm
New gigs will be announced soon! Check back soon for more details.
5/29/2015   Alphabet Lounge
Alphabet Lounge, New York
8:30 PM
5/15/2015   Best Bar
Best Bar, New York
11:00 PM
21+, $10
4/24/2015   Best Bar
Best Bar, New York
10:00 PM
21+, $10
4/10/2015   Best Bar
Best Bar, New York
9:00 PM
21+, $10
3/27/2014   The Legend of New York
The Provincetown Playhouse, 133 MacDougal St,, NYC
8:00 pm
The Legend of New York is a new musical presented by NYU Steinhardt. I'll be the 'first chair' (meaning the only) guitarist in the orchestra. Note that the show runs from March 27th to March 30th.
2/21/2014   Infant Elephant at Slake
Slake, 251 W 30th St, NYC
9:00 pm
Our first time at Slake!
1/4/2014   IN RAINBOWS by Radiohead (Full album cover) w/ Mike Rath And The Grapes
Dobbs, Philadelphia PA
8 PM
Javits Convention Center
8:30 AM
12/13/2013   Brazilian Choro Ensemble @ New School
New School For Jazz Performance Space, 55 W 13th St NY
7:00 PM
12/12/2013   w/ Anais Aida @ SRB Brooklyn
SRB Brooklyn
11/9/2013   Infant Elephant @ The Bitter End
The Bitter End, New York NY
Check out the LIVE STREAM from the Bitter End at
9/25/2013   Infant Elephant @ Tobacco Road
Tobacco Road, New York NY
10:00 PM
18+, $10 at the door
5/27/2013   Infant Elephant @ Spike Hill
Spike Hill, Brooklyn
11:00 PM
FREE SHOW!!!!!!!
5/25/2013   Infant Elephant @ The Yippie! Café
The Yippie! Café, New York NY
10:00 PM
5/11/2013   Infant Elephant @ The Yippie Cafe
The Yippie! Café
8 PM
5/4/2013   **POSTPONED, TBA** Infant Elephant @ Muchmore's
Muchmore's, Brooklyn, NY
Muchmore's accidentally double booked our show, so we'll reschedule soon!
4/8/2013   Tom McCaffrey w/ David Pollack @ Full Cup
Full Cup, Staten Island
10:00 PM
3/23/2013   Infant Elephant at The FIre
The Fire, Philadelphia, PA
5:30 pm
This will be our first time at the Fire! If you're in Philly, come on out!
3/16/2013   Mike Rath and The Grapes perform King Crimson's RED
Red Dwarf Studios, Sewell, NJ
10 pm, doors open at 7 pm
Our bassist for Infant Elephant, Mike Rath, also has a prog-rock band called The Grapes (The Grapes of Rath, get it?). Come on out to NJ to hear us perform this classic album by King Crimson.